Merriveen Touch of Luck S'07   Eng. CH Merriveen Make
                 My  Day
  Eng.CH Esclusham Golden Chimes of
  Eng. CH Kelloe Kid Glove
  Eng. CH Esclusham Song of Sixpence
  Merriveen Milady   Hyten Heavens to Merga Troid
   Merriveen Maybe Lucky 
  Merriveen Quite Contrary   Eng. CH Ocobo Tully   Bewlec Anzac
  Ocobo New Edition
  Merriveen Mary Mary   Eng CH. Coatesmar Gabriel Oak

  Merriveen Mint

  Little Tatanka Elegy   Bollglade Red Alert   Eng. CH Rowendale Rum Truffle
                  With Bollglade
  Brampton's Mr Douglas
  Rowendale Goldie Locks
  Hobtop Lucky Charm of Bollglade   Eng. CH Erindan Super Boy of Hobtop
  Hoptop Peaches
  Gaelic Victor's Backlash S'04   Eng. CH Calibra Krugerrand   Brampton's Mr Douglas
  Calibra Living Doll
  Gaelic Victor's Amazone S'03   Man of Ice from Tymaro S'97
  White Bear Squaw from Olympia Bull's